I was delighted to see many of you at the Ideas Festival on February 8th. I particularly liked this year’s theme, “our next century of innovation.” It celebrates the ideas that have fueled our firm’s past and present innovative accomplishments, and sets the stage for our next century. As I looked out at the crowd to give my opening remarks, I was struck by the energy, talent, and diversity of the audience—a powerful combination.

I’m passionate about the topic of diversity, and we have a unique calling in the SIG to help revitalize the firm’s entrepreneurial spirit. We can’t do that without tapping every ounce of diverse talent on the team. The next issue of Innovo (coming in early March) will include an article about the Center for Talent Innovation’s fascinating research demonstrating how diversity can unlock innovation for greater success in the marketplace. Their findings reinforce what we already know to be true, and remind us how important it is for all of us to behave in ways that provide everyone the opportunities to contribute.

Also, as Co-Chair of the African American Agenda, I hope you are taking advantage of the activities offered during February’s Black Heritage Month and those sponsored throughout the year by our 14 diversity forums (click here to see the D&I calendar of events).

Enjoy the final week of the Winter Olympics in Sochi! It’s been fun to watch the athletes competing on the slopes in short sleeves while we have snow in every state except Florida. Stay warm and safe!



As part of the SIG's University Recruiting and Partnerships initiative announced in early September, your ideas are needed to contribute to the development of our innovative new internship program: The SIG Games.

Launching in Summer 2014, the SIG Games will align interns spanning multiple disciplines and years of academic tenure to challenges that tie to the SIG's Innovation Agenda.

  We call on you to submit ideas for the most critical challenges our intern teams will compete with each other to solve. Winning challenges will be chosen for the 2014 SIG Summer Games.

Get in the game. The Garage is open for submissions! For more information on the SIG Games, click here or e-mail SIG_Games@bah.com.

Our University Recruiting Strategy also includes new tiered relationships with a select set of universities. Please click here to see the partnerships we’re targeting in FY15. For more information on the SIG's University Recruiting program, e-mail SIG_URT@bah.com.


Celebrating Our People

“It’s been exciting to bring our client in touch with the huge opportunities that are available when an organization can harness Big Data by applying the Data Lake concept,” said Marek Cyran, a data scientist currently supporting a commercial client in the pharmaceutical industry.

As part of a team building a cloud-based search platform for research data, Marek knows that his work will help his clients make better decisions and operate more efficiently. “The technology we’re developing enables multiple stakeholders to quickly make decisions informed by large amounts of data,” he says.

Marek also appreciates the opportunities the SIG provides to work with cutting-edge technology and alongside experts in diverse fields. “There’s a cross-pollination that happens among teams of people with different areas of expertise, and

“I’ve learned from a wide range of experts in other fields, and those learning opportunities are purely a result of the cross-functional environment fostered in the SIG.”

  it’s very powerful,” he says. “Through the SIG, I’m exposed to some of the latest and most robust techniques for aggregating, processing, and analyzing data. I’ve learned from a wide range of experts in other fields, and those learning opportunities are purely a result of the cross-functional environment fostered in the SIG.”

Marek joined Booz Allen Hamilton in 2010 after earning a master’s degree in Applied and Computational Mathematics from Rochester Institute of Technology. He’s quickly distinguished himself at the firm—his team won the 2012 Booz Allen Ideas Festival with an idea that uses cloud-based machine learning methods to detect payment errors in claims data. “Working for so many different kinds of clients and with a diverse group of colleagues at Booz Allen has helped broaden my perspective,” he says. “I’m always learning new things because the firm has such a strong focus on innovation.”

Launching in mid-March, the new Innovation.bah.com will offer myriad tools and resources to help anyone in the firm solve tough problems in innovative ways. Additionally, you will be able to access a comprehensive Products & Services Catalog, stay up-to-date on firm news, learn from your colleagues, and submit your own success stories to share.


In January, we welcomed 49 new staff
members to the SIG, view the full list here.

February Firm Anniversaries

Eighteen SIG staff members will celebrate a collective 135 years with the firm this month, take a look at the list and congratulate any you work with!

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“All It Takes Is You”
Team Discussions

If your team has not yet had an "All It Takes Is You" discussion in one of your meetings, this should be coming up soon. If you have attended a meeting including this topic, make sure you certify your completion at certification.bah.com. Everyone
should complete this by March 14.

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6th Annual Booz Allen
Ideas Festival
The Next Century of Innovation
Thank you to all who attended the Ideas Festival and got involved by visiting The Garage during the contest. Congratulations to the three winning ideas!

“Ideas Festival is a celebration. It’s a celebration of our talent, a celebration of innovation, and a celebration of our commitment to our clients.” – Michael Farber

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  Hill to Action: The
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•  Novel and possesses a high

degree of originality

  Building the Next Generation of STEM Professionals

•  The greatest potential to

positively impact various

markets, industries, and

the American public

  Full Tuition Assistance
for Graduate/Trade
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address our clients'

most significant problems

Product & Service Spotlight
Program Data in a Mobile Environment

  Helios is a technology integration platform that provides users with real-time access to program data and analytics via web-enabled, mobile-accessible applications that are tailored to a client’s needs. Helios was created to help clients answer questions like: Where should cuts be made to provide maximum capability? How does a system change affect the enterprise? What is the cost to provide a capability? If this sounds like something your client could use, visit Helios’ Yammer site or reach to Peter Sedivec, sedivec_peter@bah.com or Graham Gilmer, gilmer_graham@bah.com for more information!

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